Speed Up Your Python with Rust - Maxwell Flitton (2021)

 Python has made software development easier, but it falls short in several areas including memory management that lead to poor performance and security. Rust, on the other hand, provides memory safety without using a garbage collector, which means that with its low memory footprint, you can build high-performant and secure apps relatively easily. However, rewriting everything in Rust can be expensive and risky as there might not be package support …

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Effective Rust: 35 Specific Ways to Improve Your Rust Code - David Drysdale (2024)

 Rust's popularity is growing, due in part to features like memory safety, type safety, and thread safety. But these same elements can also make learning Rust a challenge, even for experienced programmers. This practical guide helps you make the transition to writing idiomatic Rust—while also making full use of Rust's type system, safety guarantees, and burgeoning ecosystem.

 If you're a software engineer who has experience with an existing compiled language, …

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Rust Servers, Services, and Apps - Prabhu Eshwarla (2023)

 The blazingly fast, safe, and efficient Rust language has been voted “most loved” for multiple consecutive years on the StackOverflow survey. Rust Server, Services, and Apps shows you why! Inside, you’ll build web servers, RESTful services, server-rendered apps, and client frontends just using Rust. You’ll learn to write code with small and predictable resource footprints, and build high-performing applications with unmatched safety and reliability.
 Purchase of the print book …

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The Complete Rust Programming Reference Guide - Claus Matzinger, Rahul Sharma, Vesa Kaihlavirta (2019)

 Rust is a powerful language with a rare combination of safety, speed, and zero-cost abstractions. This Learning Path is filled with clear and simple explanations of its features along with real-world examples, demonstrating how you can build robust, scalable, and reliable programs.

 You'll get started with an introduction to Rust data structures, algorithms, and essential language constructs. Next, you will understand how to store data using linked lists, arrays, stacks, …

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Rust for Network Programming and Automation: Learn to Design and Automate Networks, Performance Optimization, and Packet Analysis with low-level Rust - Brian Anderson (2023)

Automate Network Infrastructure, Optimize Network Performance and Analyze Packets with Rust Ecosystem

 Rust for Network Programming and Automation is a pragmatic guide that trains you through Rust to design networks and begin with automating network administration. The book introduces you to Rust's powerful libraries and commands essential for designing, administering, and automating networks. You will learn how to use Rust's networking libraries like tokio, mio and rust-async to create scalable and efficient …

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Rust Web Development with Rocket: A practical guide to starting your journey in Rust web development using the Rocket framework - Karuna Murti (2022)

 Looking for a fast, powerful, and intuitive framework to build web applications? This Rust book will help you kickstart your web development journey and take your Rust programming skills to the next level as you uncover the power of Rocket - a fast, flexible, and fun framework powered by Rust.

 Rust Web Development with Rocket wastes no time in getting you up to speed with what Rust is and how …

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Black Hat Rust - Sylvain Kerkour (2022)

 Whether in movies or mainstream media, hackers are often romanticized: they are painted as black magic wizards, nasty criminals, or, in the worst cases, as thieves with a hood and a crowbar.

 In reality, the spectrum of the profile of the attackers is extremely large, from the bored teenager exploring the internet to sovereign State's armies as well as the unhappy former employee.
 What are the motivations of the …

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Rust In Practice: A Programmers Guide to Build Rust Programs, Test Applications and Create Cargo Packages - Rustacean Team (2023)

 Rust In Practice is an ultimate fast-paced guide for anyone looking to become a practitioner of the rust programming from day 1. This book covers everything from the basics of Rust programming to building robust and efficient applications.

 Starting with the fundamentals, this book guides you through the syntax and semantics of the Rust language, including its unique ownership model and type system. You'll learn about common data types, control …

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Rust for Rustaceans: Idiomatic Programming for Experienced Developers - Jon Gjengset (2021)

 For developers who’ve mastered the basics, this book is the next step on your way to professional-level programming in Rust. It covers everything you need to build and maintain larger code bases, write powerful and flexible applications and libraries, and confidently expand the scope and complexity of your projects.

 Author Jon Gjengset takes you deep into the Rust programming language, dissecting core topics like ownership, traits, concurrency, …

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Network Programming with Rust - Abhishek Chanda (2018)

 Rust is low-level enough to provide fine-grained control over memory while providing safety through compile-time validation. This makes it uniquely suitable for writing low-level networking applications.

 This book is divided into three main parts that will take you on an exciting journey of building a fully functional web server. The book starts with a solid introduction to Rust and essential networking concepts. This will lay a foundation for, …

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Hands-On Systems Programming with Rust - Ken Youens-Clark (2021)

 For several consecutive years, Rust has been voted "most loved programming language" in Stack Overflow's annual developer survey. This open source systems programming language is now used for everything from game engines and operating systems to browser components and virtual reality simulation engines. But Rust is also an incredibly complex language with a notoriously difficult learning curve.

 Rather than focus on the language as a whole, this guide …

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Beginning Rust Programming - Ric Messier (2021)

 Save me from another “hello, world” book. Don’t make me have to skim or skip through a half dozen chapters before I can get to something that’s going to be useful to me. Or you, in this case. I can’t tell you the number of programming books I’ve purchased over the decades, hoping to actually learn the language, only to end up just not using the book because it wasn’t …

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Practical System programming for Rust developers - Prabhu Eshwarla (2020)

The modern software stack is evolving rapidly in size and complexity. Technology domains such as the cloud, the web, data science, machine learning, DevOps, containers, IoT, embedded systems, distributed ledgers, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence continue to evolve and specialize. This has resulted in a severe shortage of system software developers able to build out the system infrastructure components. Modern societies, businesses, and governments increasingly rely heavily on …

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