Learn Enough Ruby to Be Dangerous - Michael Hartl (2022)

 All You Need to Know, and Nothing You Don't, to Create Ruby Programs, Gems, and Web Apps

 Programmers love Ruby for its elegance, power, and flexibility: that's why it was chosen for the Ruby on Rails framework that launched websites from Shopify to Coinbase. You'll love Ruby too, but you don't need to learn "everything" about it, just how to use it efficiently to solve real problems. In Learn Enough …

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Programming Ruby 3.3: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide - Noel Rappin (2024)

 Ruby is one of the most important programming languages in use for web development. It powers the Rails framework, which is the backing of some of the most important sites on the web. The Pickaxe Book, named for the tool on the cover, is the definitive reference on Ruby, a highly-regarded, fully object-oriented programming language. This updated edition is a comprehensive reference on the language itself, with a tutorial …

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Layered Design for Ruby on Rails Applications: Discover practical design patterns for maintainable web applications - Vladimir Dementyev (2023)

 Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework for building web applications from scratch while focusing on productivity, leveraging the power of the convention-over-configuration principle, and the well-defined model-view-controller pattern, assisting the developers in building useful features. However, this initial simplicity often leads to uncontrollable complexity turning the well-structured codebase into a hardly maintainable mess. This book aims to help you keep the code maintainable while working on a Rails application.

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Ruby Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach - Malay Mandal (2016)

 Solve your Ruby programming problems that occur during your day-to-day scripting work. This book contains a varied selection of practical and interesting code recipes designed to make your coding life easier. Ruby Recipes includes solutions to problems in working with data, handling exceptions, writing blocks, and using regular expressions.

 This book provides ready scripts for both simple complex scripting tasks, which you can use readily or with only minor modifications. …

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Test Driven Development in Ruby: A Practical Introduction to TDD Using Problem and Solution Domain Analysis - Bala Paranj (2017)

 Learn the basics of test driven development (TDD) using Ruby. You will carry out problem domain analysis, solution domain analysis, designing test cases, and writing tests first. These fundamental concepts will give you a solid TDD foundation to build upon. Test Driven Development in Ruby is written by a developer for developers.

 The concepts are first explained, then a coding demo illustrates how to apply the theory …

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Самоучитель Ruby - Игорь Вячеславович Симдянов (2020)

 Язык Ruby излагается последовательно от простого к сложному. Описываются интерпретатор Ruby, утилиты, детально рассматривается современная Ruby-экосистема, работа со стандартной и сторонними библиотеками. Дан разбор синтаксических конструкций: операторов, переменных, констант, конструкций ветвления и циклов, блоков и итераторов. Подробно описаны объектно-ориентированные возможности Ruby: классы, модули, объекты и методы. Показано практическое применение языка Ruby в веб-программировании и автоматическом тестировании. Для закрепления материала в конце глав приводятся задания. С помощью книги можно не …

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Ruby Programming for Beginners - Nathan Metzler (2020)

This book will teach you to write simple console applications in Ruby. When you come to the end of this book, you will be able to write Ruby scripts that
interacts with the user, interacts with the file system, etc. Although Ruby is very useful on the web, this book does not contain any lessons on web
specific development because the prerequisite of that is knowing basic web …

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Selenium WebDriver Recipes in Ruby - Zhimin Zhan (2022)

This book is for testers or programmers who write (or want to learn) automated tests with Selenium WebDriver. In order to get the most of this book, basic Ruby coding skill is required.
Usually, a ‘recipe’ book is a reference book. Readers can go directly to the part that interests them. For example, if you are testing a multiple select list and don’t know how, you can look up …

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Ruby для романтиков - Роман Пушкин (2022)

Это книга с Leanpub book. Leanpub позволяет авторам и издателям участвовать в так называемом Lean Publishing - процессе, при котором электронная книга становится доступна читателям ещё до её завершения.
Это помогает собрать отзывы и пожелания для скорейшего улучшения книги.
Мы призываем авторов публиковать свои работы как можно раньше и чаще, постепенно улучшая качество и объём материала. Тем более, что с нашими удобными инструментами этот процесс превращается в удовольствие.

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Practical Object-Oriented Design. 2 Ed - Sandi Metz (2019)

This book will mean different things to readers of different backgrounds. Those
already familiar with OOD will find things to think about, possibly encounter some
new points of view, and probably disagree with a few of the suggestions. Because
there is no final authority on OOD, challenges to the principles (and to this author)
will improve the understanding of all. In the end, you must be …

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99 Bottles of OOP. 2 Ed - Sandi Metz (2021)

This book is about writing cost-effective, maintainable, and pleasing code.
Chapter 1 explores how to decide if code is "good enough." This chapter uses metrics to compare
several possible solutions to the 99 Bottles problem. It introduces a type of solution known as
Shameless Green, and argues that although Shameless Green is neither clever nor changeable, it
is the best initial solution to many problems.

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Modern Front-End Development for Rails - Noel Rappin (2021)

Improve the user experience for your Rails app with rich, engaging client-side interactions. Learn to use the Rails 7 tools and simplify the complex JavaScript ecosystem.
It's easier than ever to build user interactions with Hotwire, Turbo, and Stimulus. You can add great front-end flair without much extra complication. Use React to build a more complex set of client-side features. Structure your code for different levels of client-side needs …

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Ruby on Rails Tutorial - Michael Hartl (2015)

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web application development frameworks, but learning and using it is not the easiest task. This book will help you solve it, regardless of whether you have experience in web development in general and Rails in particular. The famous author and lead developer of Rails, Michael Hartl, will introduce you to Rails using the example of developing three applications. The author talks …

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Ruby. Объектно-ориентированное проектирование - Сэнди Метц (2017)

 Читателям с разными уровнями подготовки книга окажется по-разному полезна.

 Тем, кто уже знаком с объектно-ориентированным проектированием, будет о чем поразмышлять; возможно, они по-новому посмотрят на уже привычные вещи и, вполне вероятно, с чем-то будут не согласны. Поскольку в объектно-ориентированном проектировании нет истины в последней инстанции, оспаривание принципов (и спор с автором данной книги) только улучшит общее понимание предмета.

 В конце концов, именно вы должны …

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